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Hana SL en håndbygget high end moving coil pick-up, forsynet med en meget fin, nøgen Shibata-slebet diamant. Nålen er monteret i et meget stift nålerør i aluminum og huset er bygget i et lavresonant sort kompositmateriale.

Hana SL har en udgangsspænding på 0,5 mv og skal belastes med 4-500 Ohm. Har du en god RIAA med MC-indgang eller en trafo/MC-forstærker, får du mest ud af Hana SL.

Shibata nåleslibningen på Hana SL giver bedre sporingsevne, bedre frekvensområde og bedre kanalbalance - og sikrer flere detaljer, mere præcist stereobillede og generelt mere vellyd.

Hana pick-up’erne produceres af Excel Sound Corporation, en 50 år gammel virksomhed fra Tokyo, der mest er kendt som OEM-producent af high-end pick-up’er og tonearme. Efter bedste japanske tradition oplyser man dog intet om, hvilke firmaer man producerer for. 

Hana er en ny produktserie, hvor Excel Sound Corporation bruger sin mangeårige erfaring til producere egne pick-up’er i høj kvalitet til en fornuftig pris.

TNT Audio skriver blandt andet: During the month I had it, it played alongside the Music-Maker Classic, Dynavector 20x2L and Dynavector 17D3 – all more expensive and in the end I preferred the Hana to them all for its consistency, all-round ability and forgive the vague term but I can't think of a better one - 'completeness'. The others all proved better in one area or another, or better on some tracks, but overall it was the Hana I kept coming back to in preference and to be blunt it was an easy choice. Læs testen her

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Anmeldelse i Witchdoctor New Zealand

"...I really liked these cartridges as they were fuss free and just got on with their job of producing great music. The low output for me was better but this doesn’t mean the high output was poor or wouldn’t be preferred by some listeners. If you only have a moving magnet input on your amp or pre amp then the high output version is a no brainer. £447 is not cheap, but for a good quality moving coil it is very good value and is the lower end of a popular choice of cartridge type for audiophiles into their vinyl. Full marks to Hana, who obviously know what they are doing, for putting their name to a range of excellent value for money cartridges for the less 'well to do' vinyl fanatic. Both cartridges work well in both budget and higher-end turntable/ arm combinations and are well worth seeking out…" Ian Ringstead, Hifi Pig Magazine


From the moment the music starts my feet start moving up and down following the rhythm section with its finely proportioned bass, lots of guitar accents and a freestanding, fully understandable voice. The SL was much lighter in tone in the beginning than the EH, but after a lot of vinyl had passed beneath it the impression changed for the better. The SL delivers enough weight, without loss in the midrange or treble but higher notes are a bit rounder. 

“Both the Hana cartridges were surprisingly good, both styli had their own strengths. That said, I assume that the output voltage of 0.5 versus 2 Volts has less to do with the final results than the stylus type. Many years ago, during the time I was helping at an audio shop on Saturdays, we had a customer with multiple arms on his deck. One for easy listening with a glass of wine in his hand, one for intense, full immersion reverie. Both Hanas would have suited him, the EH with the wine, the SL with his eyes closed. The EH is easier to enjoy, it plays without pretensions and performs well, giving that cosy feeling we all want on Christmas eve. The SL benefits from a better arm, gives you more detail and is more to the point, it reaches for the audio haute cuisine. If you play records every once in a while the elliptical stylus will be more than adequate. If you have a larger budget for turntable and arm and want more from you record collection, take the Shibata track. Your preamp/phono stage will make the choice for you between high or low output versions. Note that the low output Hana needs an impedance of 500 Ohms and no less if you want to enjoy the higher notes and full dynamics. If the vinyl revival continues I see a bright future for the new Hana brand, its excellent price to quality ratio should ensure that”. The



Stylus Profile: Natural Diamond Shibata

Cantilever: Aluminum

Output Level @ 1kHz: 0,5mV

Output Balance @ 1kHz: Less Than 1.5dB

Vertical Tracking Force: 2 grams

Trackability: 70 um/2 grams

Separation @ 1kHz: 28 dB

Frequency Response: 15-32,000 Hz

Impedance @ 1 kHz: 30 Ohms

Suggested Load: 400 Ohms

Cartridge Weight: 5 Grams

Body Color: Black


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