DH Labs White Lightning

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449,00 DKK

Med sit nye signalkabel, White Lightning, har DH Labs gjort det muligt at få et rigtigt godt signalkabel til en overraskende lav pris.

Men tag ikke fejl af prisen. White Lightning er avanceret opbygget og står ikke tilbage for mange andre gode kabler i prisklassen op til kr. 1000,- sættet. 

Mange ansete magasiner har testet White Lightning sammen med højttalerkablet Odyssey og netkablet Encore:

After they settled in what I heard was an extremely balanced, neutral, and vivid presentation with no evidence that these were one tenth the cost of the cables they were replacing.  I found this quite astonishing. Essentially, the music flowed with liquid ease, but there was plenty of punch, and transients were quick and lifelike. Audio-Video-Revolution om Odyssey, Encore og White Lighning.


The improvements that the Florida cables offered were subtle but numerous. Most pronounced was the additional resolution on tap. Simply, I was able to hear more of my music with the DH Labs cables, with modest gains in detail evident with everything I played. Reduced was the dull sheen that seemed to clothe my music with an unpleasant veneer of ambiguity. Voices and instruments were more dynamic, edging closer to believability, and as a result were more pleasant to listen to. The scope of the sound was also slightly larger, in terms of both depth and width, depicting a more believable sense of space. Reverb sounded more plausible, room interaction more natural. Soundstage! om Odyssey, Encore og White Lighning.

0,5 meter sæt phono kr. 395,00
1,0 meter sæt phono kr. 449,00
2,0 meter sæt phono kr. 495,00


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